Thursday, December 30, 2010

It is tough when you have to suffer the discomfort of acne but then to take a product that is supposed to heal and rid you of the blemishes and have it turn your body against you with serious side effects, that is really tough to take. That is why it is important to find out if your symptoms are caused by Accutane. The Internet is where you can find answers to your questions and you will be able to tell if you have an Accutane Lawsuit. When giving some information, you can get more information yourself from experienced lawyers who are very experienced in helping people like yourself. You can get a free consultation if you wish. They have very professional consultants available to discuss the matter with you and why not if you have compensation coming then you should get it.

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It has been extremely foggy the last couple of days but I see it is finally lifting. It sure doesn't make traveling very nice but it does make for beautiful frosty trees outside in the mornings. I am glad for everyone traveling that it has lifted.

Christmas Decorations

We still have our Christmas decorations up and probably will for another week yet. We enjoy them so much and it will be pretty dull around here without them. It is so nice to watch television by the Christmas lights. My brother and I go all out decorating our apartment and we enjoy it to the fullest.

Regency Beauty Institute

Regency Beauty Institute is an upscale beauty school that was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are building schools across our nation. These schools are very upscale and modern. They give you a warm feeling when you walk through their doors and the atmosphere is energetic! The instructors are great and professional and you graduate from these schools with all the knowledge and training you need to be successful. The students stand out from other students from other beauty schools. They learn all the aspects of the beauty business.
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Star Wars Game

My girlfriend surprised me with the Star Wars game for my game console. I was thrilled when I saw it! She was very generous in purchasing that for me. I have been having so much fun playing it.

Christmas Presents

This Christmas was amazing like all of them are but this year my parents had bought my brother a laptop and I had already purchased one a couple of months before. So they paid a large sum of money toward the amount I still owe on my laptop for a Christmas present. Wow! that is sure nice. It won't take me long now to pay it off. They also got me some other great gifts and I feel very blessed.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

I know I am a little young to be thinking of retirement, at least that is what I thought. However, I was told that you are never to young to start planning for your retirement as the years go by so fast you find yourself in retirement before you know it. And one of the most important parts of retirement is being able to afford it. You want to keep living at the same or better standard of living that you will be used to at the time of your retirement. So what is a person to do. Well, you can buy gold bullion because it has never lost its value and it gains in value too. Unlike many investments that go up and down, you can preserve your wealth for the future in something really safe like gold.

Heading Home

Now that graduation is over and college is completed, I am heading for home. What a great time of the year to be going home - Christmas time. I know my Mom has baked all kinds of good stuff like cookies and homemade candy. She makes a lot of other good stuff too and me and my brother will help it disappear, that's for sure. Nothing gets old when the two of us get home. Just 4 more days and it is Christmas and only 3 until Christmas Eve. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Low Car Insurance

I had no idea when I got my car that car insurance was going to cost my folks so much. Then when I took it over I knew I had to find cheap car insurance or get two jobs to keep up with it. I checked into and I was sure happy to see the best car insurance rates. That was just what I needed. I applied for a free auto insurance quote and was able to get car insurance I could afford. That sure took a load off my mind.

School is Out

College is finally done and over with. I graduated on Saturday and my folks came down and we had a great time celebrating. We went to one of our favorite restaurants and pigged out. Then we went swimming at the motel and just had a ball. I am so glad to be done with all those finals and now I can go home and take it easy for awhile. I suppose the next thing will be job hunting in my chosen profession. I look forward to that. It is exciting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

History has shown that throughout the centuries, civilizations such as the Egyptians and Romans have preserved their wealth by obtaining as much gold as they possibly could. They knew the value of gold and that is something we should be more knowledgeable about, if we are not already. It is a good time to buy gold coins as a very safe investment for the future. Gold has always kept its value and actually has gained in value, as well. Now that is the kind of investment everyone should have. If you want to save for the future, gold would be the way to do it. The U.S. Gold Bureau can be contacted directly and they will help you with your purchases and also help you find the right safe place to keep it.

More Snow

We had some more snow today but it isn't over yet. I guess there is lots more coming. I don't know where the trucks are going to put it all. I hope they have a place where they can haul some of it out of town. My grandmother says in her home town, they back up to the river and dump it in the river. That would be a great way to get rid of it but we don't have a river close by. In her town, they dump it on a big empty field on the edge of town. That would be a good solution.

Highway Completion

We are able to take a Highway home from college that is much like a freeway. It is a double highway and you can really make good time on it. It has been sitting waiting for completion for some years now and once you got off, you had to travel about 25 miles to our home town on an old 2 lane highway. Now we can get within just a couple miles of our hometown and that will make it so much faster to get home and back to the college. Today they had a big ribbon cutting celebration and my folks went to watch.

Buy Gold Bullion

I have been hearing that now is the best time to buy gold bullion. Gold has been coveted for centuries by the Greeks and Egyptians because they knew its value and they new their wealth was protected in owning lots of gold. Everyone enjoys having gold jewelry of some kind and we never seem to get enough of its beauty. By buying gold, you are investing in a safe precious metal that has never lost its value and continues to gain in value. That is the kind of investment everyone should want to make. We all want to preserve as much of our wealth for the future as is possible and buying gold is an excellent way to do it.


I have a lot of cousins and tomorrow one of them is going to become a father for the first time. They are expecting a little baby girl named Ava. I guess she will be my second cousin. I am beginning to get quite a few second cousins on my Mom's side and that doesn't count those on my Dad's side. The family is really growing.

Prostate Cancer

My grandpa was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2000. His PSA was over 6 and they gave him 42 radiation treatments. He was doing very well until about 2 years ago when his PSA began to rise again, so they gave him a hormone shot. Well that shot really did a good job for him because it has been 2 years now since he had one. His PSA is creeping up slowly but he doesn't go back to the doctor until March 2011 and they will probably give him another hormone shot then. He has really been blessed because his brother had to have that shot every 3 months for almost 11 years.

Buy Gold

If you are looking for a great investment for the future than you should look into gold. To buy gold is a very safe investment and they say that now is the best time of all to purchase gold if you want to preserve your wealth for the future. That is because it keeps going up in value and has never lost its value. You know how much people love things made of gold? I know I enjoy getting a new gold watch or buying something in gold for that special someone. You can purchase gold directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau as they have a great deal of experience in dealing in precious metals. Their staff is waiting to help you with your purchase and also to help you decide a safe place in which to keep your gold.

College Graduation

The big day is finally here. I will be graduating from college on Saturday. I am really excited as it has been hard a week with all the final tests. But I made it. I passed my tests after a lot of hard work and study and it is all worth it. I am anxious to get out into the real world and get started in my field of study. It kind of makes me a little nervous but I know I can do it. Look out world, here I come!

Final Tests

It has been final tests all week and I am finally done!!!!! I am going to graduate on Saturday and then I am out of college. Yay! I am so excited. My parents are coming down to help me celebrate and we will have a great time. My brother lives with me and is in college taking his classes online. So all four of us will go out and have a great time of celebration.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

Money can be hard to come by sometimes and when you finally have enough that you feel you can take some of it and invest it into something that you can trust, you want to make sure it will be a good investment choice. When you buy gold bullion you are definitely putting your money into something that is a solid investment that will not lose it's value and if you see the prices decline it usually won't affect the value too much. Gold bullion is and will remain a favorite in today's market. Gold has always been a great way to invest your money. You know then that you can't go wrong when it comes to buying gold bullion.

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Last week in one of my classes we had a performance for other students and my family and girlfriend came and watched also. It was based on bullying and I thought it turned out quite well. I enjoyed being a part of it and it seemed everyone watching enjoyed it too.

Roller Skating

My girlfriend took me roller skating in the town she lives in last weekend. I had so much fun. I don't roller skate, I roller blade. We use to have skating parties with the church I use to attend and we had some pretty great times. It's been awhile since I had done something like this.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gold Bullion

U.S.Gold Bureau has been America’s gold, silver and precious metals investment leader for many years. Through these companies you can buy gold, silver or other precious metals and coins. Gold is known to be a very safe investment for all mankind. It is real, honest money. It is also universally accepted around the world and also can be bought and sold all over.
Gold is rare, durable and does not wear out in the manner of lesser metals or even paper. These precious metals come in gold bullion, coins and ingot forms. It is a great way to invest your money knowing that it is also a safe way.

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You hear a lot on television and in the papers of incidents where people have been bullied or cyber bullied and it has lead to these being bullied to commit suicide. How terrible! It makes me so angry when I hear things like this. What is wrong with people. Are the bullies so messed up in themselves that they have to take it out on innocent people? What has this country come to. People need the Lord and he will change who they are!

Tests and Quizzes

I've had a tough week so far. I had gotten a grade for a test I took last week and didn't do very well. I was so bothered by that because I studied very hard for it. Then on Monday I had another tough test and felt fairly confident when I left the classroom. I'm sure hoping I did well on that one.


Buying gold coins and bullion interests me a lot. I love any kind of gold and silver coins and know that investing in these or gold is a very wise way to invest money. It has been a sound investment for many years. I spend a lot of time on the internet and I have come across a great site where you can sell and purchase the most beautiful rare gold coins. By investing money in buying gold coins or bullion like this it can preserve your wealth and purchasing power. Isn't that a great way to spend your money knowing it is a safe and prosperous thing to do?

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Black Friday Ads

I am signed up online with a site that sends me black Friday ads as they come out. It seem that everyday a new one is out and I enjoy seeing all the great bargains available. I noticed too that many stores are having pre black Friday sales. I think that is a great idea!


I can hardly believe that I will be graduating in about a month and a half. I've been in school most of my life and suddenly that will change. I'm excited yet a little scared. I know I will have to get out there and find a great job in my field of study. I'm relying on the good Lord to help me in that area.

Monday, November 1, 2010


It can be kind of scary these days to invest in the market. I have seen the market crash and many people lose their retirement money that they had planned to live on in their elderly years. We work hard for our money and when we turn around and try to invest some of it to make more money for us we want to make sure it will be safe. When you buy gold bullion or coins you will have your money in a secure investment. You can protect it from inflation and build a legacy of wealth for yourself and family.

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My girlfriend and I met up with my brother and his friend and did some bowling the other night. It has been such a long time since I've done any bowling and it was so much fun. We actually had the place pretty much to ourselves. We will have to do that again sometime soon, I hope.

Date Night

I have been seeing Erikka for a few months now but we have never been on an official date. So, Friday night we decided to go on a date. First we went out to eat, then we went to a movie. We had so much fun and it was great to be on a date with my girl.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DuPuy Lawsuit

A Depuy Lawsuit could be the way to go if you are one of the many people who have had a defective Dupuy hip implant put in your body. You most likely are suffering with pain and swelling and most likely are having a hard time walking. It is not fair because when you went in for surgery you hoped to come out in better condition knowing that in time you would not suffer in pain anymore but you are and you should be compensated for that and have your hip repaired. Think about the lawsuit idea and know that you could get the help you deserve.

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American Pickers

I am a huge fan of American Pickers. This show is great! Another great thing is that these guys are from Iowa. That says a lot. I love watching to see what kind of cool things they find. It amazes me at how much they can make off of old antique items.


I am excited because this Sunday is Halloween. My girlfriend, Erikka, is coming to stay and we are planning a lot of fun this weekend with other friends. Most likely we will watch a marathon of scary movies and do other things. I am looking forward to it.

Hip Recall Lawyer

My grandma has had a couple of knee surgeries. She has done very well with them. I notice that as people get older many of them suffer with pain in their knees and hips. Many have to go through surgery to get them replaced so that they can live life with a lot less pain to deal with. Most often these kinds of surgeries are very successful but recently I have heard that there is a recall of 93,000 hip replacement systems because people are ailing with swelling and pain due to a defective hip implant. How sad for these people because they were hoping not to have anymore pain after they had a replacement done. When this happens it is wise to contact a hip recall lawyer who is educated and informed on how to handle matters like this.
Also, if you have found yourself injured due to a truck accident and it wasn't your fault you should receive compensation and that's why you should contact a Texas Truck Accident Attorney to help you out.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

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UNI Senior Hunts Ghosts

I attend UNI and recently was asked if my brother and I would want to be interviewed for their paper because we ghost hunt. Of course we were quick to say yes and this week the article came out in the UNI paper. We are so excited and today we get interviewed for UNI television. This is fun!

High Winds

It is just crazy outside with the winds so high. I live in a city and it's windy here. I can about imagine what it is like in the country. With the winds the temperatures have cooled down quite a bit too. Brrr, it's getting to feel a lot like fall now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gold Bullion

I do not not know a whole lot about investing money but I do know that you have to be extra careful these days as to where you do stick your money for growth for your future. The market is a shaky place for investments but when you buy gold bullion you will get a sound investment on your money. It is safe against inflation. Gold bullion is a favorite in today's market and will probably be for a very long time. This is a great way to take control of your money and produce wealth for yourself. A great place to buy your gold and get the help you need with great knowledgeable staff is with the U.S. Gold Bureau.

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Unbelievable Fall Weather

Here we are reaching toward the end of October and we have had the most amazing weather. We have actually had to run our air conditioner a few times this month because it has gotten so warm. I love it and it will be great because it makes the winter that much shorter.

Parent's Vacation

My parents recently went on vacation to Florida. My brother and I were so surprised when they called us as they were traveling down the road and told us they were on their way there. Of course, I was disappointed that we couldn't be with them but understood that with my job and school that wouldn't be possible. We always joke about them bringing us home a trip present and they did. They brought us each a Biketoberfest t-shirt. Daytona Beach was having their annual biketoberfest. It is very cool.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gold Bar

As a college student, I really had not given a whole lot of thought to saving up for retirement. That seems a so far away in years but I know it will be here before I know it. So I decided I had better get some good advice on investments that I could start now and plan for the future. I checked out the Internet and found that by buying a gold bar is a very wise and safe investment. I also discovered that for centuries, civilizations such as the Romans and Greeks gathered all the gold they could because they knew how valuable it is. Gold jewelry has always caught the eye of men and women alike and investing in gold will preserve your wealth for the future. Gold keeps its value and mostly gains in value over the years. I also discovered that I could start purchasing gold bar directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau and have it sent to me or they would help me choose a safe depository to keep it in. I think that would be the best plan for me and besides that I can buy one bar at a time if I choose to do so.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

My Brother's Birthday

Last week we got together and celebrated my brother's birthday. My mom recently sent some of the pictures that were taken that night and I really like the one that is posted in this post. It is of me, my brother and my girlfriend, Erikka. We had a lot of fun celebrating.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

60th Anniversary

This coming Saturday evening my mom's side of the family is all getting together to celebrate my Grandpa and Grammy's 60th wedding anniversary. We are going to the Pizza Ranch and are getting the party room. I've heard that cousins and relatives are going to be there that I haven't seen in several years. Congratulations to my grandparents!


It is smart to put your money in several different investments and not all in one place. If you are looking for a safe place to invest in then I would recommend buying gold bullion. Gold is used in many things that most people desire, such as jewelry. Gold is unique and fascinating and people love to own it. Gold has been a great place to invest in for centuries. It keeps it's value and normally increases in value over time. You can contact the U.S. Gold Bureau for purchasing gold and they will send it directly to you or they will assist you in selecting a safe depository in which to keep your gold. Let buying gold be one of your choices for investment.

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Last Weekend

We had such a great time going to my parents for the weekend. We celebrated my brother's birthday and got a chance for them to meet my new girlfriend, Erikka. We also had an opportunity to show her around our home town and really had a lot of fun. I wish we would have had a longer time to stay.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Windshield Wipers

My windshield wipers have been terrible. Last time I was at my folks my dad changed them around to see if that would help out but it didn't. I had to drive home for 2 hours during fog and drizzle and I could only see good out of one corner of my windshield. So my dad had to go to a junk yard and get some. They aren't cheap. They quoted him $20 a piece but then gave him a deal since he bought two. I'm looking forward to having a good pair of wipers now.

Buy Gold Bars

It can be kind of scary when it comes to deciding where a person wants to invest their money in. Most people work hard for what they have and they don't want to take any chances of losing the wealth they have accumulated over the years. When you buy gold bars this is a way to preserve one's wealth. Investing in gold has been around for many years and continues to be a popular way to invest. Purchasing gold is a great way to increase your wealth over the years. It is worth looking into and considering for a future investment deal.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.


Erikka is my girlfriend and she is going home to my parents with me this weekend. She will be meeting my family for the first time since we started dating. I am excited for her to be in our family home and I know my parents and brother will like her as much as I do.

My Brother's Birthday

It is my brother's birthday today and he is now 25 years old. He's been at home with my parents all week just taking a break and my girlfriend and I are heading there now to go celebrate with him. We are meeting up with him and some other friends to go see a movie and eat out. I am really looking forward to it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Accutane Lawsuit

I have heard of cases where people have taken certain medications and it has affected them in a negative way. The same thing goes for accutane. This is a form of vitamin A and is used in medications such as Amnesteem, Claravis, and Claru. Medication such as these are used to help in curing severe acne. It is recommended to use only if other antibiotics and medicines have been tried first. The problem with accutane is that it can cause health concerns such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. With these illnesses comes miserable symptoms. So, if you are someone who is suffering with one of these illnesses because you took a medication with accutane in it then you would probably want to contact an attorney to begin an Accutane Lawsuit.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Fall Season

Fall is a great time of year. I love it when it starts to be cooler during the day and night, it's so refreshing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer a lot but there are times it is too hot to be outside and when it's fall a person can be outside most of the time. Just throw on a sweatshirt or jacket and it's all good. I'm glad fall is here.


School has been going pretty well so far. I am in a theater class and we have so much fun in there. I think that will be the best class ever that I have taken in college. It is also nice that I only have to attend classes 3 out of 5 days. This way I can take a break or work at my job to earn more money. I hope this last semester of mine continues to go well.

Gold Bullion

Do you know anyone that has lost a lot of money in the stock markets? I know of many that have lost a third of their investments over the past couple of years. It is tough for those who are so close to retirement. Many have made the decision to stay with their current jobs in order to work at gaining back their losses. With the United States Gold Bureau you can purchase gold bullion, silver and other precious metals. This could be a great way to secure one's wealth. This can also be a very unique investment and will gain in value over the years. You will see that gold is more stable then paper currency. Browse their website and check out what they have to offer.

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CCPI is the abbreviation for our ghost hunting group. It stands for Calhoun County Paranormal Investigations. My brother and I are the founders of this group and we have a great team that we work with. Tonight we are going to investigate an old theater. People have told us of the strange happening that have occurred there. We have some new equipment that we are excited to try out. We are hoping for an eventful night.

Labor Day Weekend

I had the most amazing Labor Day weekend. I spent it with my new girlfriend, Erikka and her family. We had so much fun that I didn't want to go home. I am crazy about this girl and I think she feels the same. I was able to go to church with her and her family on Sunday and I really enjoyed that. I am looking forward to seeing her again in about a week. It can't come fast enough for me.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buy Gold Bars

Have you ever thought about investing some of your money into gold. When you buy gold bars you will be buying something that is more stable then paper currency. It is a great to protect your money, also. But before you invest in gold or any other kind of investment it is always wise to educate yourself about the investment. At the United States Gold Bureau you will be able to purchase gold bars and gold coins. They can give you valuable information that will assist you in making the right decisions and we will step you through the entire process. This is a great unique way to invest your money into.

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Ghost Hunting

My brother and I are co founders of CCPI. It is our ghost hunting group. We have been making lots of plans to investigate different places. We have been getting more new equipment which will help in our investigations. We are going to be able to investigate a couple of haunted theaters here in Iowa and are really looking forward to that. We are hoping for much much more.

My Little Second Cousin

Kaden is my little second cousin. His mom recently sent out a picture of him in his new Halloween costume. He looks so cute and I hear his sister, Kaelyn, is going to be Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. They are such cute kids how it is and then to see them in these costumes will be even better.

Hair Schools in Wichita

Are you looking for hair schools in Wichita that stand out from the rest? A school that is modern and has up to date education and training in a facility that is outstanding? Then look no further then Regency Beauty School the Wichita campus. You will find their facility to be fully equipped and fabulous and a salon atmosphere that is very modern. Not only will you receive an excellent education but when you graduate you will get help in being placed in a job that you desire. These schools are across the nation. They have 30 campuses with top notch facilities.

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Brett Favre

I love the Minnesota Vikings and my dad and brother are big fans too. We were all wondering if Brett Favre was going to sign on again and we were relieved to see he is once again playing for the Vikes. With preseason playing I believe they have won 2 out of 3 of the games which is pretty good. I hope they make it to the super bowl.

Iowa Hawkeyes

The Iowa Hawkeyes are playing this Saturday. I love it when football gets going. This is the official weekend for most college teams to get playing. UNI should be playing too and I am hoping to get to a few games again this year. It is so much fun and the weather is suppose to be amazing.

United States Gold Bureau

The United States Gold Bureau is the place a person needs to go when it is time to invest in gold. They are an authorized dealer for the U.S. Mint. Their staff is there to help you make informed decisions about their precious metals portfolio. The U.S. Gold Bureau sells gold, platinum and silver in bullion form like coins and bars. They also sell rare and certified coins. U.S. Gold Bureau can also provide gold and precious metals that can be included in your IRA. It is great to know of a place that knows all about gold and has the information people need before actually buying and investing.

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I met a really great girl on a Christian dating site and her name is Erika. I think she is pretty special and I actually got to meet her when I was working at the state fair. We hit it off right away and enjoyed each other's company. I am planning on going to her town on Labor Day weekend to get to know her more and her family. I am very excited about this.


I'm excited because we are suppose to have some thunderstorms tonight. I love it when the sky turns really dark and you can see lightening striking across the sky. Then hearing the rumbling of thunder off into the distance. We haven't had any rain for over a week now so I'm ready for a storm.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gold Bar

As a college student, I really had not given a whole lot of thought to saving up for retirement. That seems a million years away but I know it will be here before I know it. So I decided I had better get some good advice on investments that I could start now and plan for the future. I checked out the Internet and found that gold bar is a very wise and safe investment. I also discovered that for centuries, civilizations such as the Romans and Greeks gathered all the gold they could because they knew how valuable it is. Gold jewelry has always caught the eye of men and women alike and investing in gold will preserve your wealth for the future. Gold keeps its value and mostly gains in value over the years. I also discovered that I could start purchasing gold bar directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau and have it sent to me or they would help me choose a safe depository to keep it in. I think that would be the best plan for me.

State Fair

I had a great time at the State Fair. Part of the time I worked at a booth for my college. That was interesting and I got to meet a great many people there. The time went fast and my parents came down to enjoy the Fair too. My brother and I went with them to several cool shows and had a very good time. It was a highlight of the summer. It is always fun to spend time with our parents since we are away most of the time at college.

Book Store

I have a job working at the book store at the college. School is starting now and it is really busy. I work the cash register and it can get hectic at times but the time goes fast that way. I am glad I was able to get a job to help pay my rent, gas and food. Jobs are kind of scarce so it is a real blessing to have this job.

Friday, August 27, 2010


These are the times that you wish to be sure you have made the best investments you can to be sure to preserve your wealth for the future. There is a lot of talk these days on television about buying gold. Did you know you can buy gold coins, bullion and other precious metals directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau? That is right. They have the experience and ability to handle your purchase of gold and ship it directly to you. They can also assist you in finding a safe depository. It may be your local bank. I know you want to store your gold where it is the most safe. It is a wise investment, as many have known for centuries, because it keeps its value and generally gains in value.

One More Semester

i have just one more semester and then I am going to graduate from college at last. I have been studying police work. My Uncle was in the Highway Patrol for 27 years and I have wanted to be just like him since I was about 3 years old. Now he is with the DCI and that is my goal, as well. I would be very happy to follow in his footsteps as it is a very honorable position, protecting people and assisting people.

My Grandmother

My grandmother is a cool lady. She loves my rap music. I have put quite a bit on Facebook and she keeps up with it. She lets me know if she likes it or not and so far she has liked everything I have done. She loves the beat of the music but she thinks I really have a talent for rapping good words to the music. I am glad she enjoys it so much. A lot of older people don't care for rap music.

Online Military Degrees

Many of my friends have gone right from high school into the Military. I know they were not thinking about getting a degree but they should have. I think now they are probably realizing that getting a degree is very important in life if you want to get a good position and make a good living. By checking the Internet, they can find out about online military degrees they can get while in the service. Even if they are now out of the Military, they can take online or on campus courses and get their degree. It is easy to search and find where you can fill out a form in regard to the type of degree they want to pursue. All it takes is the name of the subject, degree and zip code and it's easy to locate the college best suited to them. These are colleges that specialize in assisting both active Military personnel and Veterans to get their degrees.

Visit Home

My brother and I took off for home a couple weeks ago to visit the folks. It was so good to be home after months at college. We both really look forward to Mom's home cooking and the special care she gives us. She's a great Mom and Dad is the best too. He works hard at his job and everyone loves him there. He is a great carpenter and has added a family room onto our house that is really cool.

Rap Music

I am into Rap Music. Even my Grammy likes it. I have done several recordings and everyone seems to really like my lyrics. They enjoy the music, as well. I think I have a career in this along with my plans for the future. I will be out of college soon and it will be a whole new life. It is exciting though to think that after so many years of college, I will be able to find the position I will be looking for and start a new life off campus.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gold Bullion

At my age I do not have any money to invest but I know there are many people in this world who do and probably wonder from time to time what is a safe thing to invest in. What I have read and learned about is that when you buy gold bullion it can help secure your savings. It is a great way to take control of your money and to protect it from inflation. Gold has been a popular way to invest in for many many years and it continues to be. It is an investment that you can actually hold in your hands and know that it will grow in value over the years. It is worth having in your savings or retirement portfolio.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.


I'm heading down to Des Moines today because I have to work at the Iowa State Fair for the next couple of days. My job has a booth down there and we are going to be selling college items to any one who is interested. I think it will be fun and something different to do. My family is coming tomorrow to hang out and then my mom and I are going to the concert in the evening. It should be a pretty fun day and night.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brides Dude

This past weekend I was a brides dude for a good friend of mine. She also had 3 bridesmaids. This is a first for me and it was a lot of fun. After the wedding we rode in a limo to the next town where the reception was. It was extremely hot in the limo but was still a good time. It was a fun time and I am very happy for the newly married couple.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Buy Gold Eagle Coins

There are several ways a person can invest their money and most investments you can not hold in your hands but when you buy gold eagle coins you can hold them, look and admire the beauty. These coins are one of the world's leading gold bullion investment coins. The gold eagle coins are produced from mines in the United States. It is a way that you can invest in confidence because these coins are guaranteed by the United States Government. Another plus is that long-term savers can include American Eagles in their Individual Retirement Accounts. This is something that should not lose it's value.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

My Parents

My parents are planning to come over on Friday. They want to meet Sarah and just hang out some. I think they are going to stop by Little Cesars and pick up some pizza for all of us to indulge in. I look forward to seeing them.


I really love my job. It is easy and a pretty cool bunch of people to work with. I work mainly at the cash register and we have guests only on occasion. I work at the college book store and I'm sure as classes get closer to starting it will get busier. In August I get to go work at our state fair for a couple of weeks representing the place I work for. I'm looking forward to that. I hope it's fun.

Transunion Settlement

It is sad to say but daily we hear of bad things going on around the world. So often I hear of people's identities getting stolen or something bad affects their credit. TransUnion is a credit reporting company that through the years of 1987-2000 they had illegally sold confidential credit information to target marketing companies in the United States. This of course was a violation of the Federal Credit Reporting Act. So with this occuring many people have been affected in a very negative way. Most likely they have claims against TransUnion and will need a good attorney to help them get a Transunion Settlement. I hope it all works out for the best for all these people this has affected.

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Well, I picked my friend up from the airport this morning and we took off to all the shopping centers. We had so much fun and it's great to have her here. It's strange to be with her because our friendship has been mainly over the internet. She's a great gal and we should have lots of fun this week.


The Newsboys is a great Christian group. They recently came out with a new cd. On it has the new lead singer and he formerly sang with DC Talk. His name is Michael Tate. This cd is so good. I think Born Again and Light Up are my two favorite songs. My folks get to see them in concert in August at the fair and I wish I was going with them.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

Have you ever had anyone tell you to buy gold bullion? I just learned about it the other day. I turned on the television and the guy was talking about buying gold and buying gold coins. So I thought it would be interesting to get on my laptop and check it out on the Internet. I was surprised to learn was a safe investment gold bullion is. Also, that it comes in a convenient shape for storage and where you buy it can help you find a safe place to keep it. Some like to have it shipped directly to them but I would rather have experienced personnel tell me where the safest depository or bank would be to keep mine. I know buying gold is a safe investment for the future and the years go by before you know it and you want to retire comfortably. You can't start too young to buy gold.

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It is good to be out of school for awhile but it won't be long and it will start up again. Time goes too fast. The summers seem so short. When you are busy working and trying to make a few bucks for school and rent and food, it keeps you busy. I see the gas is going up again too. Living in a college town is exciting and we enjoy it. My brother and I love our new apartment and are making it look more homey inside. Mom has given us some ideas too.

Old Friend

I have an old friend flying in on Tuesday. We always have a good time together. I am anxious for her arrival and will pick her up at the airport. She will be surprised to see our great new apartment. It is so much nicer than our old one and it is just me and my brother living here now. It can be nice having room mates but it is also nice living alone. The apartment is convenient to everything we need which is much different than the other one. It also is in a nice neighborhood so we feel so much more at home here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gold Coins

I do not not know a whole lot about investing money but I do know that you have to be extra careful these days as to where you do invest your money for growth for your future. The market can be a unreliable place for investments but when you buy gold coins you will get a pretty sound investment on your money. It is safe against inflation and in most cases you will definitely see an increase in value. Gold is a favorite in today's market and will probably be for a very long time. This is a great way to take control of your money and produce wealth for yourself.

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Family Reunion

This past Saturday we had a family reunion on my dad's side. I always look forward to this a lot. We all get a long so well and have so much fun. Of course there is always quite a bit of delicious food so none of us go hungry. It was a great day and I look forward to next year's reunion.


Sarah is good friend of mine that I met online a couple of years back. We have stayed in contact over these years quite a bit. She is planning a trip to come and visit us next week. She is from Arkansas and really has that southern twang. We have lots planned and I hope our week is amazing.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jacksonville Cosmetology School

When it comes to planning for your future and setting goals for a great career it is so important that you choose a school where you know you can get a great education and training to prepare you. That goes for any career and when it comes to cosmetology Jacksonville Cosmetology School would be the right choice for learning all you need to know for a cosmetology career. This school is a very modern facility with top notch training and education. They also help place in a job when you graduate. You just can't beat that for a great school.

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We had a friend come and stay with us over the 4th of July. We had so much fun and we got to see two sets of amazing fireworks. Last year we went home to my parents place and that was good but this year it was way more fun spending Independence day in the city where we live.

New Apartment

My brother and I love our new apartment. It feels so much more homey then our other one did. We actually use our living room here and it's nice not to spend all of our time in our bedrooms. It's also great that it's just the two of us. It's been fun hanging pictures and making it a cool place to live.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Buy Gold Eagle Coins

I have not personally been in a place where I have had money to invest but I often hear about ways people can invest their money to help it grow. For example, stocks and bonds or IRAs but I think the one that interests me is when people buy gold eagle coins for an investment. I have heard that this can be a wise and safer investment then other types. Gold coins are more stable then paper currency and become more valuable over time. With any investments it is always a good idea to educate yourself before investing any money in any kind of investment.

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Moving Day

Moving day is not too far away. I have been busy getting things off my walls and trying to do a little packing. I can't wait till my brother and I are in our new apartment. It will be nice to have it just be us and no one else. It's in a nice location also and not too far from the college. It will be great!

Used Transmission

My car broke down a couple of weeks ago and we found out that the transmission is bad. So my dad decided to look into what it would cost if we put a used transmission in it and it sounds like it won't be too bad. My car runs great otherwise and maybe by doing this we can get more life out of it. I really miss my car and look forward to getting it back soon I hope.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

A great way to take control of your money and to safeguard your savings is to buy gold coins. Gold is one of the most popular commodities. It is known to be a very safe investment and will give you a high return when it is time to cash it in. Buying gold is a great way to save for your future retirement years. We all know that we should try create income for ourselves for the future. Many investment opportunities might be risky and it is wise to put your money where you know you will not lose any of it.

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I am really enjoying my new job. I work at the college bookstore and have been getting quite of few hours. It sure is nice to get a paycheck again. I hated being broke all of the time. The bookstore is not to far from where I live. I could probably even ride my bike to work if I needed to.

Car Troubles

So the other day I was heading out to do some errands and I was just about to turn out of our parking lot when all of the sudden my car would not shift. So, I called my dad and told him what was going on. He said it sounded like my transmission was having trouble. My dad and mom came on Sunday to check it out and sure enough my tranny is gone. I was so disappointed. My dad is coming to pick it up tomorrow and we may possibly get a used tranny put back in it. I am hoping for that, I love my car.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Investing In Gold

For anyone looking for a good and safe investment then you should consider investing in gold. This is a very wise thing to do because it has been known to be the most popular investment around and the return is always high. When people buy gold coins it will most likely keep it's value when the dollar does not. Gold investment is a great idea for people who are planning for their retirement. It should be part of your retirement portfolio. Some investments these days can cause you to lose lots of hard earned money and with gold you can feel more secure. Give it some consideration.

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Back to the Old Grind

It was tough getting back into a regular schedule after being gone on vacation for almost two weeks. I had a couple of days off when I got home but then it hit, I had to work so many days this week. I guess I had that coming since I was gone so long. I was sure glad to see the weekend get here.


Down in Florida it is so beautiful. We saw so many gorgeous palm trees and flowers. I had fun taking pictures of some of the flowers down there. I will post one of many of the flowers that I took pictures of. You can see the vibrant colors that they illuminated.

Louisiana Cosmetology School

Seniors are graduating from school and are trying to figure out what they want to do for a career. It is a big decision because you want to love what you do for a living. Some of my friends are interested in cosmetology school. They love fixing hair and doing nails and want to do this for a living. The next step is to find a good school that can give you the education and training to help you become successful. Louisiana Cosmetology School is a great choice. This school is a part of the Regency Beauty Institute and it is the fastest growing beauty school in the nation. This school is modern, professional and salon-like and would be the perfect place to get the education you would need. Check them out.

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St. Augustine Lighthouse

When we were in Florida a couple of weeks ago we got to go to the St. Augustine Lighthouse. What a cool place this was. We first saw this lighthouse on a ghost hunting show. These ghost hunters went and spent a night there and experienced some pretty scary stuff. It is known to be very haunted. We had a great time there.

Friday, May 21, 2010

OXIS International, Inc.

I was studying health on the Internet and I learned that it is very important to keep up your body's level of antioxidant Vitamin C, Vitamin E and also gluthathione. Frankly I never heard of gluthathione but have learned that it can be given to you thru your veins or orally if you should have a bowel disease. I have heard a lot lately about free radical and antioxidant so thought I should learn more. By reading up on the website I was surprised to learn about Ergothioneine that has been developed by them and is the only distributor worldwide. They have patents on it and more patents pending. It is believed to help in the progression of cognitive decline. My grandmother had alzheimers so I know how important it is to find all the help you can for those suffering from this disease, as well as, others such a diabetes and Parkinsons and many other diseases.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First A

I checked my grades the other day and I have gotten my first A in college! I was so excited that I had to call my parents and let them know. They were excited with me and let me know how proud they are of me. It took me 4 years to achieve an A but at least I did it.


I am a huge pro wrestler fan! My brother and I have gone to several events and watch it all the time on television. Not too long ago my mom was telling us about our great grandfather who was the heavy weight wrestling champion for Iowa back when he was in high school. We were so excited to hear that. I think that is so awesome! I wish I could have known him and we could have talked about his days when he wrestled.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buying Gold Coins

When it comes to investing money I can only imagine that people are very careful what they invest in. We all work very hard for our money and we surely do not want to lose any of it. When a buying gold coins you can pretty much count on making a safe investment. Gold holds it's own when compared to the dollar. Gold is backed by something physical and solid and not just paper like the dollar bill is. When you buy gold you are preserving your own wealth. buy gold coins lets you take charge of your money. It is a great way to build a legacy of wealth and to protect your investment from inflation. Consider buying gold for your next investment.

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Won't be long and my parents will be putting up their pool. I love going home on a hot day and spending time out in it. They have a privacy fence around it and it's pretty cool looking there. I imagine they will get it up by the end of May or first part of June.


I love thunderstorms and we are in for some tonight and tomorrow. It is so dark in the west right now and I am hearing rumbles of thunder and seeing flashes of lightening. There is nothing like a good ole thunderstorm. I think it would be awesome to chase after tornadoes. I would definitely want to be with someone who knew what they were doing. Maybe some day I will get to do that.

Austin Dog Bite Lawyer

My mom has been bit in the stomach by a German Shepard dog back when she was in her twenties and my cousin was bit in the face by a friends dog when he was a boy. Getting bit by a dog is pretty common and it can scar you or even kill you. I know my mom still has the scar where she was bitten and my cousin has a pretty good scar on his face to remind him of what happened. For the people who have had even worse scarring or lost their life they should receive compensation and to do that it usually involves lawyers. An Austin dog bite lawyer is someone who could help out in this kind of situation.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Time

I just love spring time! Everything is getting so green. The trees are getting full of leaves and there are many flowers blooming everywhere. It's so colorful outside and I appreciate what God has created for us. There are some trees right now that are in full bloom. They look awesome and smell so good. It is sure nice to see such beauty after a long cold winter.

Hail Damage

Not too long ago I was in another part of our city when a storm hit the area where our apartment is located. My brother said it had hailed terribly when I was gone and when I got home it looked like it had snowed there was so much. He got some damage on his car and I'm pretty sure many others did too. I'm lucky I was gone that afternoon.

Home Medical Supplies

Whether you live in your own home or are someone who is charge of ordering medical supplies then using the Internet is the way to go when purchasing the supplies you need. Especially if you are in your own home and have a hard time getting out to shop for those special items. It is simple and fast to order and knowing that your home medical supplies will be shipped right to your home is a great feeling. There is no hassle with trying to figure out when you can go shopping for these items. Why not make life a little easier for yourself.

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New Job

Last week I started a new job. I have had a couple of days of training and it's going very well. I work at a book store close to the college that I attend. It is where most students get there books for classes. This store also has awesome apparel with the school logo on them. It is a really nice place and I think I will like this job.


Well, I am in my last full week of school. I am so excited and can't wait to be done. I have one semester left then it's on to real life. I am praying that God provides a great job in law enforcement when I graduate. I am excited to start a new chapter in my life. I can't believe that I am about done with college.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cosmetology School in Indiana

Regency Beauty Institute is a cosmetology school in Indiana that is fast growing. This school is not your typical beauty school and there are many more like across our nation. This school is modern and professional. The education received is top notch. They also have a placement network across our nation in helping you find a job after you graduate. These schools are ones to consider when thinking about your future in cosmetology. Why not attend the best and receive the best education and training available. You are most likely to find one close to home.

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Next week our CCPI group is planning another visit to Villisca where the house is that had a whole family plus two children murdered in many years ago. It has been known as one of the scariest places on earth and we have been there several times. We went this past January and about froze and really didn't investigate too much but we will probably try to do more this time.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We have all heard how important it is to keep our planet green and do whatever it takes to recycle and save on our earth. It is exciting to hear when companies are doing their best in this area and is a company who is converting waste water sludge and other bio-organic wastes into biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products. These are products that provide alternative energy and help in agricultural growth. When turned into fertilizer we can be sure that it is safe for our environment. It's great to know there is a company who cares.


Well, after this semester I have one more before I graduate. It's hard to believe that I have made it through 4 years of college already....well almost. This past week I got the information needed to chose my classes for my last semester. I think I have a few good choices and am hoping that I only have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That should make my last semester not so much of a drag. I am a little nervous about graduating and moving onto life but I know God is in control and will lead me in the right direction.

Buy Gold Bullion

Investors are taking note that the gold market is booming. The price of gold is having a significant increase in prices. When you buy gold bullion you know you are investing your money into a safe and sound investment. Gold has always been a safe haven for people's investments and most feel it will not waiver even when the economy does. So if you are looking to put your money into something that won't fail you then choosing to buy gold is the way to go. It has been a sound investment for years and will continue to be.

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This Sunday my folks are coming to our place for Easter. We are going to attend church together which will be great. I love it when they come to our church and they love it too. I'm sure we will probably go out to lunch somewhere afterwards before they head for home. It should be a very nice day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Spring Break

Over a week ago my brother and I spent Spring Break at home with our parents. It was a very fun week and we did a lot with many friends. We did some ghost hunting and just hung out. I couldn't believe how fast the week went.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Family Vacation

I love spending time with my family. Some of the most memorable times have been when we have taken a family vacation together. We have so much fun and I would love to take another with them I hope soon. One place I find intriguing is in Mexico. We could stay at one of the Karisma hotels that are located along the beautiful white sandy beaches. These hotels are all inclusive which means every thing is included in one price. You receive gourmet food prepared by chefs, private beaches, hot tubs and hammocks just to name a few. I can picture us all being there and having a great time.

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Over the last several years I have written some songs and performed them. I recently put them into an album and have it available online to download. It doesn't seem possible that I have written that many songs. It's been fun and a blessing to me to do this. I appreciate the fans that I have and I know God will continue to bless me in this area.


I am just blown away at how well I am doing in school this semester. I was concerned about a quiz I was going to have to take today and ended up not doing too bad. I woke up this morning kind of worried about it and then I heard God speaking to me and saying "Be still and know I am God." I immediately felt peace about my school work and had help from other classmates to finish what I needed to get done. God is so good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

I do not not know a whole lot about investing money but I do know that you have to be extra careful these days as to where you do stick your money for growth for your future. The market is a shaky place for investments but when you buy gold bullion you will get a sound investment on your money. It is safe against inflation. Gold bullion is a favorite in today's market and will probably be for a very long time. This is a great way to take control of your money and produce wealth for yourself.

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Next week, my brother and I and a couple of friends are heading down to see a big wrestling event that is usually televised. We have been to so many of these and love it. We usually go early enough to get pictures with some of the wrestlers and get autographs. It should be a lot of fun.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah's Song

I have a very good friend who was recently in a very bad car accident. After visiting with her on the phone and hearing all about the accident and injuries that she incurred God laid on my heart lyrics to a song for her. So here is the song. God has blessed me so much and this song is being a real blessing to so many others and I give God all the Glory!


She opens her eyes,
And she hits the alarm,
Climbs up out of bed,
And adjusts her arm,
She wipes the sleep from her eyes,
a...nd begins to thank God,
for saving her that night,
when almost everything was gone,
the vehicle totaled,
the pain so bad,
the wondering eyes,
the fear she had,
she screamed for help,
the metal did bend,
and gave witness to the love of God, the savior of man,
the paramedics were shocked,
the people gasped,
when she came out alive,
and was given the chance,
to spread the word of our Lord,
His works so great,
If He can save her from that, we shouldn’t hesitate,
To give our lives up to him,
And receive his protection,
His love so endless,
so full of affection,
we are placed on this earth to spread his love,
to the ones who are lost, lonely, and gone,
He sent His son to take on all sin,
We can have eternal life if we just let Him in,
So please I beg of you now,
I’m down on my knees,
Accept Jesus Christ, the savior of thee,
As He hang upon the cross, he thought of you,
He gave his last breath as he thought of you,
He was beaten so badly as he thought of you,
And He smiles so big at the thought of you,
We can’t sit here and expect good things,
When we go around the world confessing false things,
We must devote our lives,
Devote every last thing,
To the One who gave life to you and me,
Now as I end this song, with one final request,
I ask that you stand back and begin to assess,
The life you have lived, is He where he belongs,
Please find Him soon, before all is gone.
If you hesitate now, it might be too late,
And you may not get the chance to see Heaven’s Gate,
But with a simple prayer and acceptance of Him,
You can leave behind the past, this life of sin,
And move on to glory, His love awaits,
He died on the cross to set our lives straight,
He gave us a song, a song of love to sing,
if not for Jesus Christ, we would have no-thing,
We would all be lost, but He paid the high cost,
Yes He paid the high cost so we wouldn’t be lost,
He paid the high cost so we wouldn’t be lost,
I said He paid the high cost so we wouldn’t be lost,
We owe it all to him, we owe him our lives,
So we must start now and begin to strive,
To live for Him, without living in sin,
We must love every one, we must love like Him,
We must help each other, help one another,
Extend our hand, lift up each other,
So if hearing my story of a miracle girl,
Doesn’t change your mind, doesn’t change your world,
Then I lift you up, to the most High King,
Who can bring new life to every living thing,
He saved her life, He can save yours too,
If she can crawl from the wreckage, so can you,
Life sure gets hard, I know it gets tough,
It may seem pointless, it can get so rough,
But with help from Him, we can all push through,
We can pray for others, until we’re all brand new

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Faux Sapphire Earrings

When ever I meet that special lady that I plan to spend the rest of my life with I will want to buy her special things like faux sapphire earrings that you can find at Holsted Jewelers. These earring would look so beautiful on any female and would be a great accessory when it comes to dressing up for a wedding or church. Holsted Jeweler has other beautiful sets of earrings and other types jewelry. Items like these makes great gifts or even something special for yourself. I don't know of a woman who wouldn't like earrings or any kind of jewelry like this.

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On Christmas day my mom came home from work and said she wanted to go out in the falling snow and build a snowman. So we hunted around the house for boots that my brother and I could wear out there and we were successful. We ventured out into the back yard where we proceeded to build a snowman. He turned out pretty good and he is still standing after 2 weeks.

Christmas Vacation

I can't believe I have a half of a week left of my Christmas vacation. It is going way to fast and I'm not looking forward to starting classes on Monday. The only good thing about it is that I can get started and get through it and then only have one more semester left before I graduate. I pray this semester goes well and has less school work then last semester.

Family All Inclusive Vacations

Taking one of the family all inclusive vacations that they offer at the Karisma hotels in Riviera Maya, Mexico would be amazing. First of all, I would love to spend time with my family in a place like this and secondly, what I have heard about all inclusive resorts is that it is pretty fantastic. My parents stayed in Mexico at an all inclusive resort and said everything there was beautiful, the food was delicious and there was a lot to offer. I'm hoping that one day we will all be able to take a vacation together such as this. It would be a dream come true.

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Blu ray

On Black Friday I picked up a special edition of the Wizard of Oz in blu ray. My parents recently bought a blu ray player and we hooked it up when we were home for Christmas. This movie looks so amazing on the blu ray. The colors in it were so bright and vibrant. It was fun to see.

The shoe cables a repent reward near the visible.


We had a pretty awesome Christmas this year. My brother and I were home for about a week and it was great to be home. Most of the time we dealt with a snow storm so my dad was moving a lot of snow over the holidays.
For Christmas I got two seasons of the Office. I absolutely love that show and then I went out and bought another season so now I have them all. I can watch them over and over again.