Friday, January 30, 2009

At Last, Can Our Future Be Green?

It Is Taken Care Of

Back about a month ago I was dealing with an issue in school. I had been stressing over it and pleading to God to help me get this solved. One night as I was laying on my bed and thinking about it I felt that the Holy Spirit told me "It is taken care of." I sat straight up and felt like God was standing right there saying it to me. So things died down until today. I met with a person who is involved in this situation and the meeting did not go well. I left his office and I was upset but know what I heard that night. I am standing by that and know God will see me through.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reducing Debt

It seems that with the economy the way it is and how it is affecting people's jobs situations they are finding it hard to pay their bills. They find themselves getting farther and farther into debt and just don't know how to get themselves in a better spot.
I have seen families deal with the expenses of a sick family member and it becomes such a strain on their lives. It is heart breaking and I am sure they would welcome any help they could get.
At Reduce Debt a person in this situation can get free information on how to reduce their debts on their own. Their articles have lots of great, free information.
They can help stop harassing phone calls, lower or eliminate interest rates, and help lower monthly payments. You can consolidate your debt in 30 minutes by filling out their form or calling the toll free number on their website.
They can also help create a budget that will work for you and show you how to avoid future debt troubles and get you on a path to debt freedom. Just a ten minute conversation could help you resolve debt problems that can follow you for the next ten years or longer. Why not call them today and begin the process of reducing your debt.


It was kind of nice that at work tonight I got off early. It was pretty dead so they sent me home. I really didn't want to be there so I didn't mind too much. So my brother and I are going out for awhile. I wouldn't want to get off early every time because it wouldn't be good on the paycheck but once in awhile is ok.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green, Green, and More Green

Open Range

I have been thinking of some really great westerns and one I can think of is Open Range. Kevin Costner was so good in that movie along with Robert Duvall. I wish they would make more good westerns like this movie is.

When Do You Need a Quick, Easy Loan?

Last Weekend

It was so great being home with my parents this past weekend. My mom made some delicious food and it was fun just staying in and hanging out with them. The time went way too fast and before I knew it I was on my way back to my apartment. It was a nice break.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Holodomor Truth

I am not familiar with Holodomor but it has a lot to do with the Soviet famine of 1932-1933. This famine affected most major grain-producing agricultural areas of the Soviet Union, including other areas surrounding it. The Communist governments of the Soviet Republics took the grains from the peasantry and exported most of their Republic's agricultural output to the West so that they could maintain the rapid economic transformation. By doing this it caused mass hunger or Golodomor for millions of victims throughout the Soviet Union. In order to politicize the issue of 'golodomor' and to bring to the world's attention as much as possible, the word 'golodomor' has been transformed into 'holodomor' making it looks and sounds like 'holocaust' and therefore, could be considered as a genocide. The European Parliament in its resolutuion on October 23, 2008 rejected to call the famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as "an act of genocide" but a crime that was "disdainfully and cruelly planned by Stalin's rule in order to force through the Soviet Union's policy of collectivization of agriculture". I think it is very sad that certain governments can do this to their people and watch them lose their lives. If you are interested in finding out more, visit their website.

Blue Van

Back when I first started driving, parents let me drive our blue mini van. I loved it and pimped it out. I could have a lot of friends ride with me because there was plenty of room. I use to call it my pimp van or the mac mobile. I miss it on occasion and sometimes wish I had it back.

SpitzTunes -- Right Direction!

Yorkshire Terriers

My mom loves Yorkshire Terriers. I know she would love to have one someday. I was surfing the Internet one night and found this awesome video of a Yorkie pup. The puppy's name is Chewy and it is pretty cute. I had my mom watch it and she just melted.

Uncovering Opportunity in a Crisis


You know, I have been dealing with some issues at school and it has really been stressing me out. I feel so blessed that I have parents that are supportive and a brother who lives with me. They are there for me whenever I need them. I also have the good Lord to comfort me. He is there 24/7 and that helps me daily. I don't know what I would do without them and don't want to find out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Most likely everyone one time or another has seen on medical shows or in the hospital with patients having electrodes put on them. I believe it is to check their heart. I can only imagine how many electrodes hospitals go through on a daily basis and a great place they could consider buying them from is Allegro Medical. They have a wide assortment of style and sizes. They not only could purchase their electrodesfrom there but also there is a huge inventory of many types of medical supplies. When a person signs up they can order from the free eCatalog where they are having some serious limited time special and discounts.

School and Work

I am having a very hard time wanting to be home. It's back to the old grine with school and work. I am going home for the weekend and am looking forward to spending some time with my parents. I sure hope the weather cooperates and I can make it home. It seems like it snows just about every other day anymore.


Our weekend away was fun but it was hard to go home last night. And on top of it the weather sucked. It was snowing and blowing and my windshield washer wasn't working right so that was pretty frustrating. I had to stop along side the road to try and throw some snow on it to wash the windshield but the snow was so hard I couldn't. It was a drag.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rare Coins

Many people collect and invest in a variety of things. My brother likes to collect Starwars items and is hoping that someday they will become valuable. I really do not have anything that I collect but if I did it would probably be rare coins. I think coins are so unique. I have gotten some different coins from other countries and find them to be interesting to have and to look at on occasion. A great place to get started on a collection would be Monaco Rare Coin. You will find the finest rare coins available and prices that will fit into anyone's budget.


I am going to mention some of the best things about Scarface. Tony Montana is the man. He came from nothing and became something. He chased his dreams but these dreams led him straight to his death. Come to think of it, that's the only favorite thing that needs to be mentioned at this time. Scarface is the man. Plain and simple.


I sure have bought alot of music since school has started. I love music. It's definately one of my favorite things. Rap, heavy metal, classical, techno, etc...whatever gets my head boppin. You have to love it. How can you not love crankin the stereo, hearing some heavy bass, and cruisin down the street?!

New York Restaurants

New York seems like the place to visit. I have always thought it would be fun to take a trip there sometime. It seems they have a lot going on there and to find out exactly what is going on there is to go to the website The Village Voice is the nation’s first and largest alternative newsweekly. There you can read reporting on news. Beyond the news, the Voice covers all the entertainment options in New York City, which points readers to the best choices in events, music, movies, nightlife, dining and more.
I have heard that you can find some pretty amazing food in New York Restaurants and if I ever get a chance to take a trip there I will have to check out this website.

My Car

It got so cold this week that my car, my brother's car and our roommate's car would not start. I missed work because I had no way to get there which wasn't good and today it has warmed up enough that we decided to go out and try and start them again. Thank goodness they both started. I sure hope we don't get anymore of those cold temperatures again this winter.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I've never had the chance to play paintball but I think it looks like so much fun. I have several friends that I know would enjoy it. For great paintball accessories and guns click on paintball online.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Classes started yesterday at school. So far I really like who I have for professors. I sure hope this semester goes better then the last one. One of my professors is really cool and he wants to make sure everyone passes his class and will be there for those who may need extra help and that sure is nice.

Collision Repair Experts

I live in a state where we get a lot of snow and ice and we have been getting that quite a bit lately. When driving in this weather I tend to see a lot of people who have either ended up in a ditch or get into a collision. Then it all begins, finding an expert who can do a good job on repairing your vehicle. Well, consider the website There you can find the largest network of collision repair experts. You can get access to thousands of testimonials and feedback ratings from their network of auto body shops so you don't have to take any chances getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. It is easy to find an auto body repair shop by entering your zip code and to become a member is very easy too.
If you are someone who lives in Oregon you will be able to find an auto body near where you live. Each listing will include details such as contact information, address, maps, directions, the types of payment accepted, and more. For more information click on auto body shops portland. Knowing that these auto body shops are ones with a great reputation help to ease the mind of the owner of the vehicle needing repair. Their auto body shops & collision repair experts never compromise the quality of their work.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Plans

Well, the weather guy said we were only going to get one to two inches of snow yesterday and that just wasn't so. I think the state of Iowa got hit pretty hard ranging from 4 to over 8 inches of snow in some areas so of course that ruined my plans for today.
I was suppose to meet up with some friends who are from Omaha and we were going to meet in Des Moines for the day. They are recommending no travel so I guess I am stuck at home for the day. I am very disappointed because I thought it would be fun to do something fun before I start school again on Monday. Oh well, I guess that's just the way it goes when you live in a state like Iowa.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve

Well, our New Years Eve was ok. We were expecting more people to be at our apartment but they backed out at the last minute. So my two roommates and I made the most of the evening. We had a lot of good food, played Nintendo Wii and a few other games. Watched a movie and stayed up till 6 a.m. We had a pretty good time considering. Hope you had a Happy New Years Eve.

Online Degree

My brother is taking classes online to earn his online degree in criminal justice. It is really nice for him because he has a job where it would be hard for him to attend a regular college. He really likes the flexibility and is doing very well at it.
Capella University is an accredited online university that provides a quality education for working adults. Eighty-three percent of Capella students are currently enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs. Some of the degree programs are business, information technology, education, human services,and psychology.
For students that need financial aid you will find an Online Education podcast and it features a discussion of financial aid options at Capella with Mike Nylund, the university’s financial aid director. When thinking about continuing your education consider Capella University.
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