Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buying Gold Coins

When I think about investing any money I automatically think about stocks and bonds but there is another safe and prosperous way to invest money and that is buying gold coins. Gold comes in the form of ignots and coins. Gold has been a safe investment for many many years it is also a cool unique way. It will preserve one's wealth and purchasing power. There are many kinds of unique and beautiful coins that you can find for purchase online. This is a great option for investing and if you are looking for some way of investment consider this.

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Lately I have been looking around for apartments and houses that may be for rent next year. The only problem is is that we need a 6 month lease not a 12 month lease. I will be done with college and would like to move onto my career without being locked into a lease where I don't want to live anymore after school. I will have to do some praying about this that the Lord leads us in the right direction.

Mid Terms

This week is not fun. I have 4 mid terms that I am studying very hard for. I had my first one today and I feel pretty confident in the fact that I'm pretty sure I did well at it. Tomorrow I have the other three so I will be studying all night. I'm not worrying about it and am trying to trust the Lord to help me remember everything I've learned and studied.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Riviera Maya Honeymoon

When my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary they decided they wanted to take a special trip somewhere and that is just what they did. They took a trip down to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. They said it was so lovely there and the beaches and water was stunning. They mentioned that this would make a great riviera maya honeymoon for any couple planning a marriage together. I think it would be fun someday when I find the girl of my dreams to marry and to take a honeymoon there where there is so much to offer in the romance department. They have all inclusive hotels and resorts with many great amenities. It would be perfect.

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Norwegian Pancakes

Last night when my brother and I got home to my parents, my mom had dinner ready and we had Norwegian pancakes. The house smelled so good and the food tasted even better. We didn't get a chance to have them when it was my brother's birthday so my mom made them for us last night. We thoroughly enjoyed it.


School has been a real challenge for me this year. I don't think I have done this much school work in the whole time I have attended college. You would think as a person gets closer to graduating that it would let up some but nope I have so much to do all the time. I can't wait to be done with college and to move onto normal life.

Dangerous Power G3

The sport of paintball looks pretty cool. I have never had a chance to play it but I would love to. Not only does it look like so much fun but the guns that are used look amazing. One of the guns I find pretty cool is the Dangerous Power G3. That is one of my favorite paintball guns and I would have to have one if I got involved in this sport. The Internet is a great tool for finding paintball guns, goggles and apparel for playing this sport at great prices. A person can even find great deals like free same day shipping. That is the way to go. If you are anything like me, when I order something I want it as soon as possible.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**


I have needed to earn money for so long. I have not had a job in quite awhile and while I am in school it is better for me not to hold down a job. I can keep my grades up better that way. I am signing up to give plasma later this month and am hoping this will be a way for me to earn some cash. I also helped my parents put on air conditioner boxes last night at the retirement facility where they both work so that will help some too. It feels good to work and make my own money.


We came so that we could join up with some friends and head to Villisca again. We got to go there early summer and this is now the second time this year to go. We are pretty excited and are hoping we experience something at the house. The Villisca Ax Murder House was on the show One of the most scariest places on earth. We have experienced somethings while we have been there and it's pretty cool.