Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buying Gold Coins

When it comes to investing money I can only imagine that people are very careful what they invest in. We all work very hard for our money and we surely do not want to lose any of it. When a buying gold coins you can pretty much count on making a safe investment. Gold holds it's own when compared to the dollar. Gold is backed by something physical and solid and not just paper like the dollar bill is. When you buy gold you are preserving your own wealth. buy gold coins lets you take charge of your money. It is a great way to build a legacy of wealth and to protect your investment from inflation. Consider buying gold for your next investment.

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Won't be long and my parents will be putting up their pool. I love going home on a hot day and spending time out in it. They have a privacy fence around it and it's pretty cool looking there. I imagine they will get it up by the end of May or first part of June.


I love thunderstorms and we are in for some tonight and tomorrow. It is so dark in the west right now and I am hearing rumbles of thunder and seeing flashes of lightening. There is nothing like a good ole thunderstorm. I think it would be awesome to chase after tornadoes. I would definitely want to be with someone who knew what they were doing. Maybe some day I will get to do that.

Austin Dog Bite Lawyer

My mom has been bit in the stomach by a German Shepard dog back when she was in her twenties and my cousin was bit in the face by a friends dog when he was a boy. Getting bit by a dog is pretty common and it can scar you or even kill you. I know my mom still has the scar where she was bitten and my cousin has a pretty good scar on his face to remind him of what happened. For the people who have had even worse scarring or lost their life they should receive compensation and to do that it usually involves lawyers. An Austin dog bite lawyer is someone who could help out in this kind of situation.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Time

I just love spring time! Everything is getting so green. The trees are getting full of leaves and there are many flowers blooming everywhere. It's so colorful outside and I appreciate what God has created for us. There are some trees right now that are in full bloom. They look awesome and smell so good. It is sure nice to see such beauty after a long cold winter.

Hail Damage

Not too long ago I was in another part of our city when a storm hit the area where our apartment is located. My brother said it had hailed terribly when I was gone and when I got home it looked like it had snowed there was so much. He got some damage on his car and I'm pretty sure many others did too. I'm lucky I was gone that afternoon.

Home Medical Supplies

Whether you live in your own home or are someone who is charge of ordering medical supplies then using the Internet is the way to go when purchasing the supplies you need. Especially if you are in your own home and have a hard time getting out to shop for those special items. It is simple and fast to order and knowing that your home medical supplies will be shipped right to your home is a great feeling. There is no hassle with trying to figure out when you can go shopping for these items. Why not make life a little easier for yourself.

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New Job

Last week I started a new job. I have had a couple of days of training and it's going very well. I work at a book store close to the college that I attend. It is where most students get there books for classes. This store also has awesome apparel with the school logo on them. It is a really nice place and I think I will like this job.


Well, I am in my last full week of school. I am so excited and can't wait to be done. I have one semester left then it's on to real life. I am praying that God provides a great job in law enforcement when I graduate. I am excited to start a new chapter in my life. I can't believe that I am about done with college.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cosmetology School in Indiana

Regency Beauty Institute is a cosmetology school in Indiana that is fast growing. This school is not your typical beauty school and there are many more like across our nation. This school is modern and professional. The education received is top notch. They also have a placement network across our nation in helping you find a job after you graduate. These schools are ones to consider when thinking about your future in cosmetology. Why not attend the best and receive the best education and training available. You are most likely to find one close to home.

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Next week our CCPI group is planning another visit to Villisca where the house is that had a whole family plus two children murdered in many years ago. It has been known as one of the scariest places on earth and we have been there several times. We went this past January and about froze and really didn't investigate too much but we will probably try to do more this time.