Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Blues

At the end of last week I was really feeling down. We had gotten another big snow and I felt so bummed all day. My mom was saying she was feeling pretty blue also. I really do think this winter has been too long and people are getting down and discouraged. Hopefully this week will be a lot better.

L.A. Police Gear

I am planning to go into law enforcement once I finish college. That has been my dream since I was little. At there are some cool items that actual police use and wear and they are available for purchase. Some of the items they have for sale are Blackhawk holsters, surefire flashlights which are the best flashlights in the world and other great items. You can shop by category or brand and they also have closeouts on some items so you know you can get a good bargain. This is one site I really enjoy checking out.

Friday, March 28, 2008


We had a nice time on Easter with our parents. We couldn't go to church because my mom didn't feel well so we went home and watched Joel Osteen and then had a delicious dinner. It was good to be home as a family. It went too fast.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wrestling Event

We finally found a fourth person to go with us to the huge Wrestling Event in Omaha in May. She is a good friend of mine and has a thing for John Cena. She will love it and we always go very early so that we can get pictures and autographs with the wrestlers. I can't wait.

Lap Band Los Angeles

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I have been very busy the last couple of days posting on my blog. It's fun and I love making the extra money. I hope it keeps up cause the money sure helps out. I love posting for payperpost.

Weight Loss Surgery Cincinnati

Going through a surgery can sometimes be a little scary but when you go in for weight loss surgery like the lap band procedure their facilities are designed for you to be as comfortable as possible. When the surgery is done they have an extensive follow-up and aftercare that is specifically tailored with your success in mind. Their goal is to support a healthier, happier you for life. For more information click on weight loss surgery cincinnati.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Car troubles

Last year sometime there was a switch that went bad in my car. It caused the light to act up and it even had a strange smell in my car. Well, it is starting again. I'm pretty sure it hasn't even been a year since the other one was replaced. Hopefully there will be some kind of warranty on it.

Lap Band

When a person decides that they are going to take the step of having lapband surgery I don't doubt it can be kind of scary. But the facilities in which they do these surgeries are very accommodating to the patient. They provide roomier gowns to wider hallways, chairs without arms, restrooms with handicap railings for support and ease of movement. The environment is soothing and it is all designed to make sure that your comfort is always put first. The Lap-Band surgery is the safest weight loss surgery available.


We are still going to small claims court tomorrow to see if we can get our court costs back. The lady we were taking to court did pay us back the money she owed us but now we feel she should pay the court fees too so we are doing that in the morning. I will be glad when that is over.

Weight Loss Surgery

Being extremely overweight or obese can be harmful to a person's health. It is important to rid yourself of that extra weight but it is not always that easy so there is a great weight loss surgery called Lap-Band. This is a very safe surgery and is reversible and adjustable for life. The facilities where you can have this done make it as comfortable as possible for each patient. This is a great choice in getting the weight under control and begin life a lot healthier. For more information click on weight loss surgery tampa.

Spring Weather

This is the first day of Spring and it feels like it. My roommates and I have been able to go out the last couple of days and enjoy the weather. We have been playing a lot of basketball and we enjoy going to a park close to us called Dolliver. It is so great getting out and getting some fresh air and exercise.

Cisco Cables

When I got out on my own and started sharing an apartment with roommates we needed to find Ethernet cables for our wireless computers. At I found those plus so many great cables and accessories needed for our electronics. They sell Cisco Cables and many other kinds of cables. It is easy to order and you can pay with a credit card or paypal. It sure made shopping for these items a lot easier.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Friday, my art class went to Omaha to a couple of Art Museums. It was a long boring day and I was so glad when it was over. I saw a few art items that I enjoyed but most of what I saw I was not interested in. I'm just glad that day is behind me.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Life Insurance

It is very important to have life insurance. If something happened to you and you had a family it would help them after you are gone with bills and funeral expenses. I know my parents have life insurance and they have it on my brother and me. There is this website that you can go and compare rates on life insurance and other types of insurance for free. This can save you so much time and they will also help you compare with local insurance agents. It's easy to do and so important to have insurance that is reasonable and gives good coverage.

Rent Deposit

Next week we were suppose to go to court to try and win back our rent deposit from a lady who was going to be our landlord but failed to keep her word on things. Today we got a check in our mailbox for the rent deposit from her. We were shocked. My mom was speechless. It's amazing, thank you Jesus. That is so cool and now we don't have to go to court.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weather It's Everywhere


My brother, my buddy and I went to Dolliver Park yesterday. It was in the 50s and we decided to go play some football and do a little jogging. We had a great time but can sure tell we've not been able to get out and get any exercise. We were wore out by the time we were done. It was fun though.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Escali Digital Scales

If you are looking for a great scale of any kind you must check out They have scales for bathrooms that are so modern. You can purchase one that will talk to you. It will measures your body fat and weight. That is pretty cool.
There are also food scales for people who like to know exactly how much they are eating which is great for dieting. These scales are small enough to also be used in an office or for a hobby. The Escali digital scales come in great colors and are very fashionable and affordable. Other scales available are fish scales, digital pocket scales and shipping scales.


The other day we went looking for an apartment and all we were finding were junking old ones. Then off in the distance my mom saw a huge sign that said "Now Leasing."
We hurried over to them and sure enough that was the perfect place for us to rent. It has a swimming pool, hot tub, tanning booth, workout room, and rec room. It is amazing and we are looking forward to moving in there this summer.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Compuplus is the premier source of peripherals and consumer electronics found online. Their customer service is outstanding and when ordering you will receive your products on time and complete. All of their products come with full manufacturers' US warranty and with all of the accessories that come standard in the full retail package. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee with no restocking fee involved and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You just can't go wrong when purchasing from Compuplus.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pizza Hut

We went to the Pizza Hut with my parents last night. It was buffet night and it was so good. I piled high the pizza and bread sticks and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun being out with my family, also.

Video Classifieds

It seems most generally when you want to place a classified you have to pay to do that. Well, not at, they pay you to list your classifieds. There are specific categories in which you can list a classified for pay. You may wonder how much money you can make by doing this and that all depends on how many ads you list in an applicable category, and how many people you refer. The more ads you list, and the more people you refer, the more money you make. There is no limit to this. You do not need to sell items to get paid, you get paid for the listings.
Listasaurus provides free local and national classifieds for items for sale, free stuff, jobs, real estate, housing, personals, local community, as well as low cost advertising in their Business Directory. They have video classifieds and the advantages of having a video ad would be great for selling real estate, vehicles, or anything mechanical. With video classifieds you can add sight and sound with whatever you are trying to advertise. This could be a real advantage for businesses, also. People could get a great view of what you are trying to sell.
This is a great opportunity to really show what you want to sell in a whole new way plus get paid for listing your classifieds.

Apartment Hunting

Tomorrow my parents and my brother and I are going to Cedar Falls to hopefully pin down an apartment or house to rent this coming summer for the upcoming school year. We've been told that most places have been leased or rented already last October. It is very necessary for us to find a 3 bedroom and hopefully God will give us his favor in our day of looking.

Election 2008 The field has Narrowed

Up Late

Monday night several friends were over and we stayed up till 6:00 in the morning. We went out cruising about 4:00 a.m. We had such a good time. We don't do a whole lot of anything, we just have fun hanging out and playing video games.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pizza It's a Food Group

Spring Break

I have this week off for Spring Break. It is going to be so nice to relax, stay up late and sleep in everyday. It's hard to believe that I only have about 2 months left of school at ICCC. It has really gone pretty fast.