Friday, June 19, 2009

Rare Gold Coins

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Well I officially started my new job last night. I was scheduled for 8 hours and I basically did the same job for most of the night. It was so hot in there I was soaked with sweat. I went home with blisters on my hand and my hand was actually swollen this morning. I decided that I do not want to keep this job unless they will work with me. Will see what happens. It's a bummer.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rustic Furniture

If I had all the money I could imagine I picture myself living in a log cabin type home. I would furnish my home with rustic furniture. I would have it looking like I lived in the old west.
My bedroom would have a rustic log bed with lamps also made out of wood. Every room would have some type of country style rustic furniture.


Elvis Presley was an amazing entertainer. He was also a very giving man. He was known to give gifts to friends and help out people in need.
He was so talented with his voice and he made many movies. He even made a cool western called Charro. He made a good tough cowboy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Last Day in Memphis

Well I think we are heading out of Memphis tomorrow. We will travel to Little Rock. I imagine we will spend a night there and then the next day we are going to get together with my cousin who lives there. We will probably go out to eat and then start heading north towards home.


Downtown Memphis has a huge pyramid in it. It use to hold large events such as wrestling events or concerts. It is now abandoned and we went and checked it out. It was cool. The last concert posted there was Bob Seger and the cost of a ticket was $65. We took several pictures. We would have loved to gone inside and explored it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bridesmaid Gifts

There are a lot of weddings going on lately. I have heard that the bride and groom purchase bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts. I know it is pretty standard to do that. I can only imagine that they would want to find unique gifts for these special people in their lives. Using the Internet is a great way to shop for gifts like these plus find items for the wedding. Shopping at the website is the perfect place for finding the right gift. Right now they are having a three day sale where items are selling for up to 75% off. What a great way to save money and get great gifts too.

Beale Street

Beale Street is located in downtown Memphis and we are planning to go there tomorrow and check it out. I hear there are many shops and things to do. We drove through downtown yesterday and it was pretty cool. We are looking forward to seeing everything and taking lots of pictures.


Since we went to Graceland today I have this fascination with learning more about him and his life. I have found some very interesting information about him online. I have read stuff I have never heard before. It makes you wonder if he is still alive. It is said that Elvis faked his death at one time so who knows. My guess is is that he is dead.

Degree Online

It is really important for people to continue their education after high school. I know I have and continue with my education. It is hard to get a descent paying job without the higher education. Many people need to hold down a job and want to continue there education so what better way to do that then to getting a degree online. Capella University has respected degree programs. This online university is an accredited, fully online university and the leading online graduate school for working adults. This university serves many students across the 50 states and many countries. This is a great choice for continuing an education for a degree or masters.
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My brother and I are on vacation with my parents. We are in Memphis, Tennessee. We went to Graceland today and it was so worth it. We have had such a good time so far. We are looking forward to seeing downtown Memphis tomorrow and going to Beale Street. There is lots to see and do down there.