Friday, August 28, 2009

Destination Weddings

I am getting old enough where I do think what it will be like when I meet the girl of my dreams and we plan our wedding day. I think one special place to have a wedding would be on one of the beautiful white sandy beaches in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. I've heard it is gorgeous there and the weather is so warm and nice. This would be perfect for destination weddings. Then after the wedding the couple could spend their honeymoon at the Karisma Hotel. There they would have so many luxuries. These hotels are all inclusive and have wonderful amenities such as in-room Jacuzzis, outdoor showers, infinity balcony pools, and so much more. Any couple would feel so pampered and the atmosphere is romantic.


Today my dad took my brother and myself out to Subway. I enjoy the subs there and you can get a pretty good deal there too. I like my sandwiches toasted but not as long as they normally do, it dries them out. They have a lot of good choices to choose from.


Well, school started this past Monday and I've got a week under my belt. I've been dreading going back all summer and can't believe it's here. I hope this year is better then last year and that I enjoy the classes more. I am taking one class that surrounds music and I love music so I am hoping that it will be an enjoyable experience.

Paintball Marker Package

I have always wanted to participate in playing the sport of paintball. I think it looks like so much fun and even better yet to do it with a bunch of my friends. Have you ever been able to play paintball? If you are one of the lucky ones who participates in it on a regular basis then you probably purchase items like paintball guns, safety gear and maybe even a paintball marker package.
Zephyr Sports is an online retailer that focuses on the sport of paintball. They are the supplier everyone who plays this sport should check out. They carry many different items needed to play this. Their prices are low and you can get free shipping. Check them out for all your paintball needs.

My Dad

So I mentioned in my last post that my brother and I are having car troubles. My dad had to take a day off of work today and drive two hours to come and help us figure out what is going on. He found out that one of my connections to my battery needs to be replaced and that my battery is fine so that's good. Then he checked my brother's and found that the battery on his didn't have much power so he had to have that replaced and is still checking to see why his car just every once in awhile doesn't want to start. I'm sure glad I have a dad that has quite a bit of knowledge about vehicles.

Car Troubles

The other day I went out to my car to go to school and it wouldn't start. I was not happy and I thought to myself, "What now." So I called my dad and told him what happen and he said it could be my battery because as soon as we jumped it it started. My brother is having some issues with his car too so that makes it a real pain when we need to go somewhere. Good thing our roommate has his car.