Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DuPuy Lawsuit

A Depuy Lawsuit could be the way to go if you are one of the many people who have had a defective Dupuy hip implant put in your body. You most likely are suffering with pain and swelling and most likely are having a hard time walking. It is not fair because when you went in for surgery you hoped to come out in better condition knowing that in time you would not suffer in pain anymore but you are and you should be compensated for that and have your hip repaired. Think about the lawsuit idea and know that you could get the help you deserve.

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American Pickers

I am a huge fan of American Pickers. This show is great! Another great thing is that these guys are from Iowa. That says a lot. I love watching to see what kind of cool things they find. It amazes me at how much they can make off of old antique items.


I am excited because this Sunday is Halloween. My girlfriend, Erikka, is coming to stay and we are planning a lot of fun this weekend with other friends. Most likely we will watch a marathon of scary movies and do other things. I am looking forward to it.

Hip Recall Lawyer

My grandma has had a couple of knee surgeries. She has done very well with them. I notice that as people get older many of them suffer with pain in their knees and hips. Many have to go through surgery to get them replaced so that they can live life with a lot less pain to deal with. Most often these kinds of surgeries are very successful but recently I have heard that there is a recall of 93,000 hip replacement systems because people are ailing with swelling and pain due to a defective hip implant. How sad for these people because they were hoping not to have anymore pain after they had a replacement done. When this happens it is wise to contact a hip recall lawyer who is educated and informed on how to handle matters like this.
Also, if you have found yourself injured due to a truck accident and it wasn't your fault you should receive compensation and that's why you should contact a Texas Truck Accident Attorney to help you out.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

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UNI Senior Hunts Ghosts

I attend UNI and recently was asked if my brother and I would want to be interviewed for their paper because we ghost hunt. Of course we were quick to say yes and this week the article came out in the UNI paper. We are so excited and today we get interviewed for UNI television. This is fun!

High Winds

It is just crazy outside with the winds so high. I live in a city and it's windy here. I can about imagine what it is like in the country. With the winds the temperatures have cooled down quite a bit too. Brrr, it's getting to feel a lot like fall now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gold Bullion

I do not not know a whole lot about investing money but I do know that you have to be extra careful these days as to where you do stick your money for growth for your future. The market is a shaky place for investments but when you buy gold bullion you will get a sound investment on your money. It is safe against inflation. Gold bullion is a favorite in today's market and will probably be for a very long time. This is a great way to take control of your money and produce wealth for yourself. A great place to buy your gold and get the help you need with great knowledgeable staff is with the U.S. Gold Bureau.

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Unbelievable Fall Weather

Here we are reaching toward the end of October and we have had the most amazing weather. We have actually had to run our air conditioner a few times this month because it has gotten so warm. I love it and it will be great because it makes the winter that much shorter.

Parent's Vacation

My parents recently went on vacation to Florida. My brother and I were so surprised when they called us as they were traveling down the road and told us they were on their way there. Of course, I was disappointed that we couldn't be with them but understood that with my job and school that wouldn't be possible. We always joke about them bringing us home a trip present and they did. They brought us each a Biketoberfest t-shirt. Daytona Beach was having their annual biketoberfest. It is very cool.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gold Bar

As a college student, I really had not given a whole lot of thought to saving up for retirement. That seems a so far away in years but I know it will be here before I know it. So I decided I had better get some good advice on investments that I could start now and plan for the future. I checked out the Internet and found that by buying a gold bar is a very wise and safe investment. I also discovered that for centuries, civilizations such as the Romans and Greeks gathered all the gold they could because they knew how valuable it is. Gold jewelry has always caught the eye of men and women alike and investing in gold will preserve your wealth for the future. Gold keeps its value and mostly gains in value over the years. I also discovered that I could start purchasing gold bar directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau and have it sent to me or they would help me choose a safe depository to keep it in. I think that would be the best plan for me and besides that I can buy one bar at a time if I choose to do so.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Brother's Birthday

Last week we got together and celebrated my brother's birthday. My mom recently sent some of the pictures that were taken that night and I really like the one that is posted in this post. It is of me, my brother and my girlfriend, Erikka. We had a lot of fun celebrating.