Friday, February 26, 2010

Family Vacation

I love spending time with my family. Some of the most memorable times have been when we have taken a family vacation together. We have so much fun and I would love to take another with them I hope soon. One place I find intriguing is in Mexico. We could stay at one of the Karisma hotels that are located along the beautiful white sandy beaches. These hotels are all inclusive which means every thing is included in one price. You receive gourmet food prepared by chefs, private beaches, hot tubs and hammocks just to name a few. I can picture us all being there and having a great time.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**


Over the last several years I have written some songs and performed them. I recently put them into an album and have it available online to download. It doesn't seem possible that I have written that many songs. It's been fun and a blessing to me to do this. I appreciate the fans that I have and I know God will continue to bless me in this area.


I am just blown away at how well I am doing in school this semester. I was concerned about a quiz I was going to have to take today and ended up not doing too bad. I woke up this morning kind of worried about it and then I heard God speaking to me and saying "Be still and know I am God." I immediately felt peace about my school work and had help from other classmates to finish what I needed to get done. God is so good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

I do not not know a whole lot about investing money but I do know that you have to be extra careful these days as to where you do stick your money for growth for your future. The market is a shaky place for investments but when you buy gold bullion you will get a sound investment on your money. It is safe against inflation. Gold bullion is a favorite in today's market and will probably be for a very long time. This is a great way to take control of your money and produce wealth for yourself.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**


Next week, my brother and I and a couple of friends are heading down to see a big wrestling event that is usually televised. We have been to so many of these and love it. We usually go early enough to get pictures with some of the wrestlers and get autographs. It should be a lot of fun.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah's Song

I have a very good friend who was recently in a very bad car accident. After visiting with her on the phone and hearing all about the accident and injuries that she incurred God laid on my heart lyrics to a song for her. So here is the song. God has blessed me so much and this song is being a real blessing to so many others and I give God all the Glory!


She opens her eyes,
And she hits the alarm,
Climbs up out of bed,
And adjusts her arm,
She wipes the sleep from her eyes,
a...nd begins to thank God,
for saving her that night,
when almost everything was gone,
the vehicle totaled,
the pain so bad,
the wondering eyes,
the fear she had,
she screamed for help,
the metal did bend,
and gave witness to the love of God, the savior of man,
the paramedics were shocked,
the people gasped,
when she came out alive,
and was given the chance,
to spread the word of our Lord,
His works so great,
If He can save her from that, we shouldn’t hesitate,
To give our lives up to him,
And receive his protection,
His love so endless,
so full of affection,
we are placed on this earth to spread his love,
to the ones who are lost, lonely, and gone,
He sent His son to take on all sin,
We can have eternal life if we just let Him in,
So please I beg of you now,
I’m down on my knees,
Accept Jesus Christ, the savior of thee,
As He hang upon the cross, he thought of you,
He gave his last breath as he thought of you,
He was beaten so badly as he thought of you,
And He smiles so big at the thought of you,
We can’t sit here and expect good things,
When we go around the world confessing false things,
We must devote our lives,
Devote every last thing,
To the One who gave life to you and me,
Now as I end this song, with one final request,
I ask that you stand back and begin to assess,
The life you have lived, is He where he belongs,
Please find Him soon, before all is gone.
If you hesitate now, it might be too late,
And you may not get the chance to see Heaven’s Gate,
But with a simple prayer and acceptance of Him,
You can leave behind the past, this life of sin,
And move on to glory, His love awaits,
He died on the cross to set our lives straight,
He gave us a song, a song of love to sing,
if not for Jesus Christ, we would have no-thing,
We would all be lost, but He paid the high cost,
Yes He paid the high cost so we wouldn’t be lost,
He paid the high cost so we wouldn’t be lost,
I said He paid the high cost so we wouldn’t be lost,
We owe it all to him, we owe him our lives,
So we must start now and begin to strive,
To live for Him, without living in sin,
We must love every one, we must love like Him,
We must help each other, help one another,
Extend our hand, lift up each other,
So if hearing my story of a miracle girl,
Doesn’t change your mind, doesn’t change your world,
Then I lift you up, to the most High King,
Who can bring new life to every living thing,
He saved her life, He can save yours too,
If she can crawl from the wreckage, so can you,
Life sure gets hard, I know it gets tough,
It may seem pointless, it can get so rough,
But with help from Him, we can all push through,
We can pray for others, until we’re all brand new