Thursday, December 30, 2010

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It has been extremely foggy the last couple of days but I see it is finally lifting. It sure doesn't make traveling very nice but it does make for beautiful frosty trees outside in the mornings. I am glad for everyone traveling that it has lifted.

Christmas Decorations

We still have our Christmas decorations up and probably will for another week yet. We enjoy them so much and it will be pretty dull around here without them. It is so nice to watch television by the Christmas lights. My brother and I go all out decorating our apartment and we enjoy it to the fullest.

Regency Beauty Institute

Regency Beauty Institute is an upscale beauty school that was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are building schools across our nation. These schools are very upscale and modern. They give you a warm feeling when you walk through their doors and the atmosphere is energetic! The instructors are great and professional and you graduate from these schools with all the knowledge and training you need to be successful. The students stand out from other students from other beauty schools. They learn all the aspects of the beauty business.
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Star Wars Game

My girlfriend surprised me with the Star Wars game for my game console. I was thrilled when I saw it! She was very generous in purchasing that for me. I have been having so much fun playing it.

Christmas Presents

This Christmas was amazing like all of them are but this year my parents had bought my brother a laptop and I had already purchased one a couple of months before. So they paid a large sum of money toward the amount I still owe on my laptop for a Christmas present. Wow! that is sure nice. It won't take me long now to pay it off. They also got me some other great gifts and I feel very blessed.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

I know I am a little young to be thinking of retirement, at least that is what I thought. However, I was told that you are never to young to start planning for your retirement as the years go by so fast you find yourself in retirement before you know it. And one of the most important parts of retirement is being able to afford it. You want to keep living at the same or better standard of living that you will be used to at the time of your retirement. So what is a person to do. Well, you can buy gold bullion because it has never lost its value and it gains in value too. Unlike many investments that go up and down, you can preserve your wealth for the future in something really safe like gold.

Heading Home

Now that graduation is over and college is completed, I am heading for home. What a great time of the year to be going home - Christmas time. I know my Mom has baked all kinds of good stuff like cookies and homemade candy. She makes a lot of other good stuff too and me and my brother will help it disappear, that's for sure. Nothing gets old when the two of us get home. Just 4 more days and it is Christmas and only 3 until Christmas Eve. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Low Car Insurance

I had no idea when I got my car that car insurance was going to cost my folks so much. Then when I took it over I knew I had to find cheap car insurance or get two jobs to keep up with it. I checked into and I was sure happy to see the best car insurance rates. That was just what I needed. I applied for a free auto insurance quote and was able to get car insurance I could afford. That sure took a load off my mind.

School is Out

College is finally done and over with. I graduated on Saturday and my folks came down and we had a great time celebrating. We went to one of our favorite restaurants and pigged out. Then we went swimming at the motel and just had a ball. I am so glad to be done with all those finals and now I can go home and take it easy for awhile. I suppose the next thing will be job hunting in my chosen profession. I look forward to that. It is exciting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

History has shown that throughout the centuries, civilizations such as the Egyptians and Romans have preserved their wealth by obtaining as much gold as they possibly could. They knew the value of gold and that is something we should be more knowledgeable about, if we are not already. It is a good time to buy gold coins as a very safe investment for the future. Gold has always kept its value and actually has gained in value, as well. Now that is the kind of investment everyone should have. If you want to save for the future, gold would be the way to do it. The U.S. Gold Bureau can be contacted directly and they will help you with your purchases and also help you find the right safe place to keep it.

More Snow

We had some more snow today but it isn't over yet. I guess there is lots more coming. I don't know where the trucks are going to put it all. I hope they have a place where they can haul some of it out of town. My grandmother says in her home town, they back up to the river and dump it in the river. That would be a great way to get rid of it but we don't have a river close by. In her town, they dump it on a big empty field on the edge of town. That would be a good solution.

Highway Completion

We are able to take a Highway home from college that is much like a freeway. It is a double highway and you can really make good time on it. It has been sitting waiting for completion for some years now and once you got off, you had to travel about 25 miles to our home town on an old 2 lane highway. Now we can get within just a couple miles of our hometown and that will make it so much faster to get home and back to the college. Today they had a big ribbon cutting celebration and my folks went to watch.

Buy Gold Bullion

I have been hearing that now is the best time to buy gold bullion. Gold has been coveted for centuries by the Greeks and Egyptians because they knew its value and they new their wealth was protected in owning lots of gold. Everyone enjoys having gold jewelry of some kind and we never seem to get enough of its beauty. By buying gold, you are investing in a safe precious metal that has never lost its value and continues to gain in value. That is the kind of investment everyone should want to make. We all want to preserve as much of our wealth for the future as is possible and buying gold is an excellent way to do it.


I have a lot of cousins and tomorrow one of them is going to become a father for the first time. They are expecting a little baby girl named Ava. I guess she will be my second cousin. I am beginning to get quite a few second cousins on my Mom's side and that doesn't count those on my Dad's side. The family is really growing.

Prostate Cancer

My grandpa was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2000. His PSA was over 6 and they gave him 42 radiation treatments. He was doing very well until about 2 years ago when his PSA began to rise again, so they gave him a hormone shot. Well that shot really did a good job for him because it has been 2 years now since he had one. His PSA is creeping up slowly but he doesn't go back to the doctor until March 2011 and they will probably give him another hormone shot then. He has really been blessed because his brother had to have that shot every 3 months for almost 11 years.

Buy Gold

If you are looking for a great investment for the future than you should look into gold. To buy gold is a very safe investment and they say that now is the best time of all to purchase gold if you want to preserve your wealth for the future. That is because it keeps going up in value and has never lost its value. You know how much people love things made of gold? I know I enjoy getting a new gold watch or buying something in gold for that special someone. You can purchase gold directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau as they have a great deal of experience in dealing in precious metals. Their staff is waiting to help you with your purchase and also to help you decide a safe place in which to keep your gold.

College Graduation

The big day is finally here. I will be graduating from college on Saturday. I am really excited as it has been hard a week with all the final tests. But I made it. I passed my tests after a lot of hard work and study and it is all worth it. I am anxious to get out into the real world and get started in my field of study. It kind of makes me a little nervous but I know I can do it. Look out world, here I come!

Final Tests

It has been final tests all week and I am finally done!!!!! I am going to graduate on Saturday and then I am out of college. Yay! I am so excited. My parents are coming down to help me celebrate and we will have a great time. My brother lives with me and is in college taking his classes online. So all four of us will go out and have a great time of celebration.