Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Buy Gold Eagle Coins

I have not personally been in a place where I have had money to invest but I often hear about ways people can invest their money to help it grow. For example, stocks and bonds or IRAs but I think the one that interests me is when people buy gold eagle coins for an investment. I have heard that this can be a wise and safer investment then other types. Gold coins are more stable then paper currency and become more valuable over time. With any investments it is always a good idea to educate yourself before investing any money in any kind of investment.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**

Moving Day

Moving day is not too far away. I have been busy getting things off my walls and trying to do a little packing. I can't wait till my brother and I are in our new apartment. It will be nice to have it just be us and no one else. It's in a nice location also and not too far from the college. It will be great!

Used Transmission

My car broke down a couple of weeks ago and we found out that the transmission is bad. So my dad decided to look into what it would cost if we put a used transmission in it and it sounds like it won't be too bad. My car runs great otherwise and maybe by doing this we can get more life out of it. I really miss my car and look forward to getting it back soon I hope.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

A great way to take control of your money and to safeguard your savings is to buy gold coins. Gold is one of the most popular commodities. It is known to be a very safe investment and will give you a high return when it is time to cash it in. Buying gold is a great way to save for your future retirement years. We all know that we should try create income for ourselves for the future. Many investment opportunities might be risky and it is wise to put your money where you know you will not lose any of it.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**


I am really enjoying my new job. I work at the college bookstore and have been getting quite of few hours. It sure is nice to get a paycheck again. I hated being broke all of the time. The bookstore is not to far from where I live. I could probably even ride my bike to work if I needed to.

Car Troubles

So the other day I was heading out to do some errands and I was just about to turn out of our parking lot when all of the sudden my car would not shift. So, I called my dad and told him what was going on. He said it sounded like my transmission was having trouble. My dad and mom came on Sunday to check it out and sure enough my tranny is gone. I was so disappointed. My dad is coming to pick it up tomorrow and we may possibly get a used tranny put back in it. I am hoping for that, I love my car.