Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silver Coins

I have seen many different ways to invest money and some of the ways are to invest in something that you think will gain value as time goes by. Investing in silver coins or gold coins is a great way. And there is a great website where you can find rare coins that you can purchase and if you want to sell some you can also do that at Monaco Rare Coin. Monaco Rare Coin offers you the finest rare coin values in the world. If you are looking for a specific coin just contact them and they will do there best to find it for you. They have many rare coins on their website for you to view and find out more about them.


Next weekend my brother and I are hoping to go to Omaha, Nebraska. We have a good friend who lives there and we would like to go hang out with her. It is about a 3-4 hour drive but most of it is interstate. I hope the weather cooperates and that we can do that. It would be nice to have a weekend away.

Job Transfer

I mentioned in a post not too long ago that I put in for a transfer to another department where I work. I am hoping to get into the casino security since this is kind of in the field that I am going to school for. It would give me good experience and I know most of the security guards there already so I would feel comfortable being in that position. My brother works 3rd shift and really likes his job as a security officer. I hope I hear something soon.

Cancun Hotels

A couple of years ago my parents had celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and to make it special they took a trip to Mexico. One place they had visited was Cancun and they had such a great time. They mentioned how beautiful the cancun hotels were and that they had so much to offer. If I ever get a chance to take a trip there I plan to check out the Karisma Hotels. These hotels are all inclusive and offer that wow factor. They are a divinely favored collection of Gourmet Inclusive resorts strung along the white sand beaches of Riviera Maya. There service and food sounds magnificent. It is the perfect place to spend a honeymoon or celebrate an anniversary. It is some place I will definitely keep in mind.

Dr. Appointments

Awhile back I had shared that I had to go by ambulance to the hospital because I had some reaction to gloves I wear at work. Since then I have been to a few doctor appointments to see if we could figure out what happened. I saw an Allergist and he never did pinpoint what the allergic reaction came from but did clear me to use a different kind of glove that was safe for me. I am not wanting to go back into my original job in fear that it may happen again so I put in for a transfer and hoping I can get a different position.


Awhile back I had started a Christian group on Facebook. We have many members who have joined and it is uplifting to share God's word with these people. I like to send out daily scriptures to encourage everyone. I also receive many prayer requests that I pass onto the members so that we can all pray for them. It is something I enjoy doing very much.

Hospital Beds

I was not yet born when my grandfather was ill but I have heard stories about him spending his last days in a hospital bed in his home. My dad and his family made it a priority to help my grandpa to be comfortable in his last days and months. I am sure there are other people who are in the same situation and would like to look into hospital beds and what is available. At Allegro Medical you will find just what you are looking for and ranging in different prices. If you order today you can get free shipping on orders of over $25 till midnight tonight. That is a great savings. For all your medical supply needs check this website out.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Almost a week ago I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. The week before I had an allergic reaction to some gloves I wear at work. Then the doctor told me to rub the glove again on my hand to make sure it was the glove that gave me the reaction. So I did and it was worse this time. I had shortness of breath, my body was shaking and my heart was racing so they had to rush me to the hospital. So this past Monday I went to an Allergen and had a blood test to see if they can pin point what I might be allergic to. I sure hope we get some answers because I am not allowed to work till I know something.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personal Finance

All we hear on the television or radio is about how bad the economy is and the recession our country is in. I hear quite often how people are being laid off from their jobs or terminated. It is affecting so many people. People are on the brink of losing their businesses and need help.
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Another Meeting

Well, we have another meeting at school today. My dad is going to go along with me. We are praying for God's favor in this and believe everything will be solved. I'll just be glad when it's over. It's been drawn out too long already.